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$13,225 raised of $25,000 Goal!

We Are Opening a Space!

BUT we need your help! We've run into some last-minute snags with getting our doors open but we know with your support we can quickly get past this last obstacle. We were encouraged to create a GoFundMe page, but instead we wanted to express our gratitude for your donation by providing rewards in return. Since our incentives are alcohol-focused, we could not do a Kickstarter, so in true spirit to our business, we're thinking outside the box to still be able to give back to you all while receiving your support! Our goal is to raise $25,000 by February 15, 2023.

Where We are in the Process

We’ve finally done it! We have obtained a brick-and-mortar space of our own for On My Way Bartending and our popular Mix&Sip Mixology Classes. And while this is a dream come true for us, it has come with challenges to get our doors open, but this is where you all come in! We need your support to make one final push to officially get our doors open as well as put the finishing touches on our space. 

Opening our location has been the biggest endeavor our business has undertaken by far. With obtaining this space, we’ve had to complete countless inspections, lengthy construction, cosmetic changes, and the ABC permit application process. While thankfully most of these larger items are complete, we will need the final touches to bring it all together and have the space ready for guests to begin enjoying the Mix&Sip experience. We still need refrigeration, an ice maker, bar seating, finishing construction on our bar, paying the final fees (of the many!) for the ABC permit, a larger POS system for our retail and bar area, and a new hot water heater, just to name a few of the final small (but costly) remaining items. While we budgeted and planned for the majority of the project expenses, unexpected items (additional inspection and construction costs) have pushed us outside of the projected budget.

We hope you’ll consider contributing to our campaign and enjoy the great rewards and incentives available. The rewards range from discounted tickets to our Mix&Sip classes to being able to rent our space with an open bar for 3 hours! We want to bring the Mix&Sip experience to Downtown Raleigh on a permanent basis, and we would love for you all to be a part of this journey with us. Cheers.

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